The most cowardice thing in media this week

Nicolas Cruz the murderer With all the trauma dealt to the students in Broward County Florida we have missrepresented the person that was a hero, Jim guard who is credited with protecting students on the Valentine’s Day massacre against Cruz was actually the cause of the most deceitful act portrayed by a person charged with guarding our children. Josh Gallagher and Connor Dietrich have lasted Guard as a yellow bellied coward that left them kids in the hallway while that murderer was gunning them down. The students said that he had left them to die, while he says he just followed school protocol. Josh said that he was a regards class in the fire alarm went off And the students filed out. Then they heard gunshots, about 15 of them froze before racing back to the classroom. Guard and how ever had locked the door and refuse to let them in.

if this was your child , if someone decided your child need wait for school protocol to be safe that ultimately cost lives. The school system how many times have they let us down countless lives lost subpar education jostling for major funds to stay afloat the school system in America it is possibly the worst and detrimental system we have to date.

Yas Entertainment and Al Sharpton

Wednesday, February 21 the Rev. Al Sharpton came to San Diego. Yas entertainment was asked to do coverage on his visit along with courtesies to the Rev. A silvery haired slim man stepped out of a black 2018 suburban what the crowd waiting to get a chance to see keep it real AL. Born Alfred Charles Sharpton Junior on October 3, 1954 Alfred Sharpton has a long Resume in all things politics he has served as a key adviser to Pres. Barack Obama. Since 1969 he has been active in politics as a Democrat and a minister the Baptist religion.

In a profound statement President Barack Obama gave a spot on analogy of Alfred Sharpton Junior”Sharpton is the voice of the voiceless in a champion for the Downtrodden. But what does that mean? Oppressed treated badly by people in power, subjugated, persecute, repressed, tyrannized, crushed, enslaved, exploited, victimized, bully, disadvantaged, underprivileged, Powers, helpless, abuse, maltreated.

Standing 5ft 10 from Brownsville New York city New York , Alfred famously said” Charleston Heston can have a constitutional right to carry your wife, why can’t grandma have a constitutional right to healthcare” which is known he is a Frears fighter four healthcare equality in America and abroad not just a limiting his platform but opening it up to all are in need of injustice representation.

And Now he has one of those most watch shows on MSNBC politics nation with Al Sharpton, which a one hour political show that began on August 29, 2011 on MS NBC’s 6 PM slot.

I followed Rev. as he arrived Ebenezer Baptist Church , got close ,and snapped two photos that captured not the sound, but relieved the passion that flowed through every word. Yasentertainment we give you the Full story, there is a shining star that has emerged from the shadow of the Great Alfred Charles Sharpton Junior, his name is Shane Harris a young minister fighting social justice. In a recent interview we discussed getting saved at the age of 16 and and following the new found love totally called him to the clergy. As a pastor he taught, love ,acceptance and caring to his members. Often scrutinized for joining the civil rights Shane Harris has had a hard road to the top not always receiving support from those even within his party, nevertheless he persevered shrugging off all the bases along with his team he has brought social justice to the West..

From getting major housing changes for hundreds of disenfranchised tents to standing up for police injustice in his city of San Diego .Shane Harris is the pillar of community work, he and the San Diego chapter of the national action network have honored High Ranking Officials all the way down to regular Community Volunteer and Dynamic range for Community Work. Christmas dinner and toys for children all sorts of humanitarian work for such a young man is a testament to dedication and service. This week he spoke with newly promoted Chief of Police David Nisleit on multiple issues that had a Baseline in the community and the district he is going to be presiding over. Heated discussions between the candidates for elected office proceeded the Chiefs arrival as Reverend Shane Harris set up almost a mock primary for the community so they can have a view of their new leaders or leaders vying for a position in the community.


Pittsburgh vs Jacksonville











The Jacksonville Jaguars squared off against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field in Pennsylvania.  Jacksonville defeated Pittsburgh in week five 30-9.  When Playoff time  came the Jags came prepared to halt Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers offense.  They had no idea what hit them with Jacksonville scoring 28 first half points.  The Steelers routed a comeback scoring 21 points in the fourth quarter, but it was too little too late and time was not on their side.  The Jaguars came out the victor in this scenario with the final score 45-42.  Next opponent on the radar the Super Bowl Champs New England Patriots, will they rein supreme or will they get Jag’d?


The Joy of Christmas

Toys for Tots

Christmas is the time for giving and it would not be so without Mr. & Mrs. Clause. Escorting the holiday couple were Jason & Angela Greene members of the San Diego Chapter Buffalo Soldiers 9th and 10th Horse Calvary.  On this day Toys for Tots was held at the San Diego Civic Center giving to those less fortunate this holiday season and who would not otherwise have presents under the tree or food on the table.  They bought smiles to the faces of children young and old and to the parents as well.  This is held every year in San Diego and this was the first time being a part of this ceremony.  I am usually the one behind the camera and this time I am one that is being photographed.  It was an honor and a privilege to be invited, it is moments like this that make it so great and take your breath away.   Be greatful for what GOD has given you, it is better to give than to receive and not just during the holiday season.  I am sincerely blessed and capture every moment as if it were my last.  #Love, Peace, & Happiness.

A Day to Remember

Wreaths Across Americajpg

This is a day to remember December 16th, 2017. The 3rd annual Wreaths Across America ceremony was held at Greenwood Memorial Park honoring the 10,000 Veterans laid to rest. They gave the ultimate sacrifice with their lives and it was with great honor to be a part of such a momentous occasion.  Those serving now took part in laying down wreaths on the graves of the fallen. Also in attendance were the Buffalo Soldiers who ceremoniously presented colors infront of those attending.   It was also held at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery and Miramar National Cemetery both based in San Diego California.  Over 2,000 wreaths were placed on the graves of the Veterans no longer with us, and it would not have been possible without the individuals who volunteered their Saturday morning for such a worhty cause.  This was a day that will never be forgotten along with the families of those who have gone up to a higher power.  Rest in peace the battle still lives on.

Finally Omarosa it is out of there

While she is disputing there was a altercation that led to her firing, miss Mrs Manigault who is more of a television actor than a political asset was let go recently. Many stories conflict whether there was a complication or it was purely by choice nevertheless she is without work this morning at the White House.

Secret Service members confirmed they  had nothing to do with firing and only  were responsible for deactivating the access card that grants mobility in the white house complex. Many of her colleagues are celebrating  her release touting  they never really new what she did at the White House. Right-leaning sources say that she was flat-out fired left-leaning sources say she walked out under a conscience.

Military on military violence

It breaks my heart to have to report this story karma but Army Sgt. Logan Melgar was savagely strangled in a coverup,by none other than the Navy SEALs. Wow what can I say reports say that Melgar was killed in Mali around June after being offered, a cut of the military money that was being stolen from a confidential informant fund. This is heartbreaking, we just had Veterans Day we are in one of the most tense times worldwide, and we have infighting over money.

Sgt. Melgar showed would on a curly commitment really is about, and he was from the army. I have long suspected and been a part of navy coverups. I’ve seen the links the Navy personnel will go through just to not follow the rules.

Sgt. Melgar declined the offer to criminally steal from the military. And he lost his life for doing the right thing. The Comandos who were initially witnesses later are deemed to persons of interest officials say than milk bars cause of death was homicide by asphyxiation. To Seal team six members you may have remembered from the counterterror attack the Usama bin Laden yes they were placed on administrative leave. The actual people that they made a movie out of are killing their own like dogs.

Milgard was 34 he was founded June 4 at the US Embassy housing he shared in Mali with several other special operations personnel working in west Africa . The autopsy showed no signs of alcohol use or drug use, yet the seal toll military leaders they found Sgt. Melgar and try to save him and that he was intoxicated that night. Which was odd because Milgard was taking a hand-to-hand fighting exercise course. And you may ask what is the reason for this course it’s because his third special forces group, training was a part of a secret mission to get troops acclimated and carryout counterterrorism operations, against groups of affiliated Islamic state. The seals had been deployed to Mali to assist French and Malian forces in battles against Al Qaeda in the Islam make maghreb as well as sales connected to Isis. Petty officer Anthony E. Dedolph a member of seal team 6. In a twist siding officials familiar with the case, Melgar have previously told his wife they he had a bad feeling about his two Navy seal housemates. To special operations source speaking on The condition of anonymity that Milgard had discovered the seals were stealing money from a fund that had been set up to pay informant.

And the plot thickens as sources report a close time between MMA and the United States Seals. TonyI Had a record 0 5 amateur mma record,in 1999. as a pro he went one and five with the appearances in the hook and shoot Extreme challenge. Is one lost came to WEC, Strikeforce, Bellator and UFC veteran Jeff Curran. Mixed martial arts is very popular within the Navy seal community and throughout the military. So much so that there has been so many replacements of mixed martial arts integrated into military combat systems, that major contracts are going to MMA Studios. Most of them are paying by seals and owned by seals.

Congressman Duncan Hunter Republican of California asked and investigation into whether there was a conflict of interest and allowing seals to train in MMA. About to whistleblowing and different trainings were put in place but despite the findings in 2011 the sales drop their previously use combat system. The alternatives were allowing seals to train in MMA. Of course there was a poet split in the Seo community with the sun calling this CQ D The bed rock of seal training, where others agreed with szymanski that CQD was inferior to the training of modern UFC fighters when it came to hand to hand combat. Green Berets staff Sgt. Brian black, staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson, Sgt. let David Johnson, and staff Sgt. Dustin Wright, were killed in a ambush by Isis linked militants in Niger believed to be a part of sgt. Logan J Melgar third special forces group that was in the process of training locals to fight isis. This story has a lot of twists and turns stay tune as we give you or retract any conflicting information. Rest in peace soldiers.