Atty. Gen. Jeff sessions under fire for Russia meetings and conversation

After facing much scrutiny for having contact with the Russian ambassadors. Jeff sessions spoke to a Christian religious freedom Avicii group known as anti-gay stances Tuesday evening and the justice department is keeping his remarks under wraps.

At the Summit on religious liberty hosted by the alliance defending freedom, things were very secretive add the departments of Justice is keeping quiet one requests to release sessions full comments. Alliance defending freedom which hornets website says it is dedicated to promoting religious freedom but is also known for having taking aggressive anti-gay marriage stance and is currently embroiled in a high profile case that will be heard by the Supreme Court next term.

Submits this attorney general Jeff sessions is embattled in a deep Russia probe where it seems previous under oath comments were found to be possible perjure in nature. Jeff sessions has maintained that he has no recollection of important information dealing with Conversations had with the Russian affiliates about Donald Trump in the election.

ADF is the most extreme anti-gate legal organization so extreme that it does not concede even that gay or transgender people should be permitted to exist as such said Shannon Minter of national center of lesbian rights .They are truly destructive in our country and it is appalling that the Atty. Gen. of the United States Wood lend them ear of this office.

President Donald Trump Not too long ago signed an executive order in title promoting free speech and religious liberty was directed sessions to issue guidance interpreting religious liberty protections in federal law sources say nothing has happened as of yet.

This month sessions played she’s support to continue to enforce hate crime laws aggressively and for the first time his focus on crimes against those in the transgender community despite previous opposition as a senator to the federal hate crimes prevention act.

A number of Republicans say Jeff sessions should recuse himself of any investigation into Pres. Trump’s ties to Russia while Democrats are calling for him to resign.   ‘I don’t recall any discussion of the campaign in any significant way” it was in no way you some sort of coordinating of an effort orDoing anything improper and I don’t believe anybody that was in that meeting Would seen or believed I said one thing that was improper or unwise” Jeff sessions.

President Donald J Trump came to session’s defense on Twitter saying Jeff sessions is artist man he did not say anything wrong . You could have stated his response more accurately, but it was clearly not intentional. This whole narrative is a way of saving face for Democrats are losing an election that everyone thought they were supposed to win. He goes on to say Democrats are overplaying their hand. They lost the election, and now they have lost their grip on reality. The real story.

He further goes on to say the real story is all of the illegal leaks of classified and of information,It is a total witchhunt.

Adam Schiff Democrat of California says he’s “come to the reluctant conclusion that the attorney general ship chef step down, As a senator Mr. sessions demanded complete and truthful testimony by those appearing before him for confirmation,I don’t believe he met his own rigorous standards.” It goes on to say have concluded sessions must up down his testimony was misleading, His explanation not credible an independent prosecutor is needed.

Not limited to just democratic scrutiny Jason Chaffetz republican of Utah was the first influential Republican to say the former Sen. Sessions should recuse himself after reports he failed to disclose conversations he had with the resident ambassador to the US.

Of the Republicans follow Rob Portman Susan Collins in the aspect of public confidence says sessions to stay out of the investigation .

how old is… he 70 years old. A smart lawyer Born a day before Christmas in 1946

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 San Diego’s Black Panther Party… WHAT IS GOING ON … 

The documents above is the ending of the dismissal publicly of mr. Shakur but the signatures seem to all be from one person we are interested in seeing a power of attorney papers  to validate signatures.

Very serious allegation and threats against Mr. Shakurs life have been publicly made on social networks privy anyone along with his personal identification the targeted effort remove him from his position in the Black Panther party organization but it may have caused  Danger for him as documents show plots of locating him and making sure he has not come to San Diego agsin

Over a year  our news company has covered  multiple entities in the city of San Diego  one of the most disconcerting  groups in San Diego is the San Diego Black Panther Party  which for some time has been under the microscope  of even being a legitimate  organization  by the bylaws  and the ten point platform of the Black Panther  Party  from Oakland.  what most people don’t know that this year what’s a big year for activism in the city of San Diego we have had in justices after in justices that needed strong leaders to help mobilize. The opportunity came up for Mavis Thompson the community rallied raised over $50,000 the Black Panther Party was a big part of that the leader being National Field Marshal makio Zulu Shakur. Mr. Shakur has been a part of the Black Panther Party since his conception he even has his picture of his Cub Scouts paperwork.

  1. But only one day after a major victory the the unthinkable happened. But let’s give a little back story on National Field Marshal  Makio Shakur we covered him during a police involved shooting of a young Ugandan Refugee by the name of Alfred olango.
  2. Alfred olango rallied a splintered Community when he was unjustly shot Center Mass at Popular Taco Shop” Los Panchos”. A brutal standoff between citizens Community organizations and El Cajon Police and other law enforcement insued for the incoming months.
  • Lawsuits submitted taking on both sides for a number of unforgivable acts committed towards the community and a certain lack of apathy or empathy for the concerns of loss of life in communities affected with poverty.  Multiple organizations from Olango  Village, National Action Network, the NAACP, people over profit, numerous religious organizations all came together.
  • All together for one call   after a Great Rally and victory in the release of Miss Mavis Thompson soon after Facebook begin tagging people in a post about National Field Marshal Zulu Shukur.
  • The post was a community bulletin and it alleges inappropriate contact with a minor which without being said is absolutely a horrible events to be associated with for sure, but it’s Community leaders
  • I feel we have a duty to  positively verify all accusations against members of the community before leaking sensitive material to the public because the danger of perception carries life changing consequences.
  • Defamation of character, intent to mislead the community should not be synonymous with a community organization here in San Diego. Within 24 hours of the announcement  the communities were in an uproar. The same people  who marched with this  man  called for his hanging  the very next day. The very organization that is sent here to protect the people  is the same organization that unleashed a barrage upon its own. Events have unfolded  before  our Eyes  over the last year from  sexual harassment  allegations  to improper 

  • In a 2005 wrongful conviction the doj confirms that there was no established evidence that could warrant such a conviction.
  • Which leads us back to all those posts made by his comrades,who put out a full campaign without justice, with out love or compassion.
  • Mr trenell price commended Makio for his dedication in the party, then called for his excommunication.
  • Cary Louis Johnson is a free man but will never recover from the slander and Defamation his family has witnessed