More on Steven Paddock

As we wait for president trunk to address the nation on the recent incidents in Las Vegas, we would like to give our condolences to the hundreds if not thousands of families affected by this morning tragic murder spree.   The president is addressing now he says it's a act of pure evil. He goes…Read more More on Steven Paddock


Breastmilk (The Best Milk)

Have you ever wondered why breast milk is considered the best milk for babies? Well for premature babies who are at higher risk of infection due to their bodies immune system not being able to fight off infections  is very beneficial. It helps build their immune system. They call it "Liquid Gold". It may protect…Read more Breastmilk (The Best Milk)

He kissed me against my will. Chula Vista do you know this psychiatrist?

Farjerman A Chula Vista psychiatrist in California. Is under investigation for sexually assaulting to patients. Farjerman says he never forceed himself on sanchez. Sanchez says that the doctor forced himself on her but she still went back to a future appointment, she states that the doctor would hold her medicine Ransom that she needed. Allegations…Read more He kissed me against my will. Chula Vista do you know this psychiatrist?

Padres versus Dodgers tonight

Labor Day weekend season both California teams in a head to head today September 1, 2017 as the Los Angeles Dodgers waltz into Petco Park this Labor Day weekend in a four game series with the San Diego Padres cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw we'll be back to start the series opening after the Dodgers…Read more Padres versus Dodgers tonight

Gen. Lee loses his right hand man

From the book, Shocking secrets American history 115 surprising amusing tales by Bill Coate In May 1863 the union commander Gen. Gen. Mead with 130,000 man faced Confederate Gen. Lee and his 60,000 manAlong a line south of the Rappahannock River and the vicinity of Chancellorsville Virginia. Although Lee was badly outnumbered, he did have…Read more Gen. Lee loses his right hand man

Our hearts are broken and are in solidarity with Texas.

US military Sands warships and aircraft to Texas. Rescue is desperately needed over 12,000 Texas National Guard members have been activated by Gov. Greg Abbet of Texas two navy warships the Kearsarge and Oak Hill are said to be deploying to Texas soon in the Atlantic for training the Kearsarge's amphibious assault ship that.In Norfork…Read more Our hearts are broken and are in solidarity with Texas.